Located along Georgia’s southern border, Valdosta is the fourteenth largest city in the state with a population of 56,481. Known as the Azalea City, Valdosta hosts an annual azalea festival each march to showcase the gorgeous flowers that grow in abundance there. Valdosta’s mild winters and hot summers keep the local vegetation thriving.

A Brief History of Valdosta

Valdosta was formally incorporated in 1860, when the Georgia state legislature designated the town as the new county seat. Later that year, the railroad expanded to reach Valdosta, bringing with it an influx of residents and business ventures. The 60 miles of railway connecting Valdosta to Waycross used to be the longest straight stretch of railroad in the world, and today’s highways in the area go on for miles without a curve, rise, or fall in the road.

In 2003, the town was featured as one of the nation’s “Top 100 U.S. Small Towns” by Site Selection magazine. Forbes magazine named Valdosta one of the best small places for businesses and careers in 2010. Situated along the I-75 corridor, Valdosta remains one of Georgia’s main commercial hubs, with thriving tobacco, turpentine, pine lumber, and pulpwood industries. Valdosta also supplies eighty percent of the demand for naval stores worldwide.

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